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Flagstaff November Housing Prices Up, Sales Down

November housing prices in the greater Flagstaff region rose 3% from the same period a year ago. The median sales price came in at $368K. This is the second highest November since 2006 when the median sales price was $379K. The average price paid per-square-foot was $205 up 6% from a year ago. The number of house sales totaled 78 a 9% decline reflecting in part, the uncertainty regarding the mortgage interest deduction in the new tax bill. As of today it looks like a compromise has been reached putting a cap of $750K on the total interest deduction for new mortgages. Mortgage rates continue in the 3.75% range for a 30 year fixed with 5% down and very good credit. Until next month, here for any & all of your real estate needs. We’ll be looking at full 2017 numbers then and spoiler alert, it’s looking like both sales and prices are going to be higher for the year. Wishing everyone very happy holidays.


Flagstaff May Housing Prices Rise; Sales Slip

May housing sales in the greater Flagstaff area dropped slightly from a year ago. This May 102 houses sold vs 104 last May. For the first five months of 2017 there were 350 sales vs 376 for the same five month period in 2016 which represents a 7% decline. Prices however continue to rise. The median sale price for a house sold this May was $375K a 2% jump from a year ago and up 10% from April. Through the first five months the median sale price was $368K also a 2% increase from a year ago. Housing inventory has risen over the past month which is normal this time of year. Currently there are 437 houses available for sale with 175 of those within the Flagstaff City limits. At or below $400K that number drops to 52.  24 of those are under construction in Presidio so the number of currently available houses drops to 28. If you a looking for 3 bedrooms and a 2 car garage the total number available in the city limits is just 21. Mortgage rates are holding steady in the 3.75% range despite the Fed raising rates by a quarter of a point this week. All signs point to a busy summer. Until next month here for any & all of your real estate needs.

Both April Housing Prices and Housing Sales Fall

April housing prices in the greater Flagstaff area took a breather after hitting new monthly highs in both February and March. The median sales price this April was $340K off 6 % from last April’s median sale price of $360K. But it’s not all bad news, the average price paid per-square-foot jumped 8% to $200. April 2017 saw a total of 71 sales vs a year ago when 91 houses sold. This is a 22% drop which is concerning however if we compare the first four months of this year vs same period last year, prices are actually up 2% and sales are only down 9%.  This drop in sales is due in part to a lack of inventory. Currently there are a total of 373 houses for sale in our MLS that are not yet under contract but only 68 of those are priced at or below the $340K median sales figure. If you are looking to live inside the Flagstaff City limits that number drops to only 15 houses and 5 of those aren’t yet built. Between $340K and $400K it doesn’t get much better, adding 24 more houses but 13 of those aren’t built yet. Looking between $400K and $500K adds 23 additional houses with 2 of those still under construction.  Low mortgage rates are helping fuel the demand. Currently a 30 year fixed rate with 25% down is at 3.75% with no points. Until next month, here for any & all of your real estate needs.